The Higher Power Project: I've lost a father, a brother and a nephew over time to alcohol and or drug addiction. Many of us especially from minority communities know people including loved ones who have experienced a similar fate. Over seventy thousand people have already died this year from a chemical overdose, also partly due to the Corona Virus. What has been left out of this equation is all the thousands of people who have died or whose health has been impacted because of tobacco addiction. My father was a musician, a hard drinker and Chesterfield cigarette smoker. Musicians have always been exposed to the party life a possible disadvantage. They also mostly have no job security and often have had no control of their monthly income, yet many remain dedicated to their craft and to making people happy through music. A pension and social security have been unattainable for most Artists who have spent a life time making people happy through music.100% of the sales of the Higher Power Project CD go into a special fund in support of Musicians & Artists that find themselves seriously struggling in today's economic climate. Thanks to a signed & notarized agreement with Chump Change Records BAJAZZS, a nonprofit 501-C-3, has been provided complete authority over the promotion, publication, dissemination and profits of the Higher Power Project CD. We'd like to thank each and every individual who receives this CD, listens to it , loves it and who understands the goal of the Bay Area Jazz Society's effort to create a special fund for our musicians & artists as something you would like to support. If you are able please consider contributing at least a twenty dollar minimun or more to our special BAJAZZS fund, especially if you have received the Higher Power Project CD for free. Because of the Corona Virus it is more difficult to purchase physical copies of the CD at this time. You can email us at or call 510-697-7130 to purchase a physical copy. You can also make a donation by going to PayPal using The address to mail a loving contribution is P.O box 3578 Berkeley Ca, 94703. Please tell your friends that they can purchase the CD on line digitally at CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon, etc.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         PAUL TILLMAN SMITH, Executive Director: Bay Area Jazz Society

Bay Area Jazz Society Mission Statement

BAJAZZS is a 501(C)3 non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing and promoting the historical contributions Jazz Music has made to American Society. We fulfill our mission by promoting programs and projects which educate the public about this rich musical history and how it has impacted our country in positive ways. We are also committed to presenting a wide range of indigenous music reflecting the variety of music forms here in the Bay Area including, Cool Jazz, Latin Jazz, New Orleans Jazz, Smooth Jazz, Zydeco, Blues, R&B and spoken word.It is our goal to work hand in hand with our Schools and Community Colleges to create educational programs that feature teaching workshops and performances by some of our wonderful local artists. In today's economic climate it is crucial that we help our local artists find steady employment as teachers and performing musicians. BAJAZZS is also dedicated to providing music development opportunities for under-served youth. We are currently in a partnership with Oakland Schools and have co-sponsored the purchasing of musical instruments for Frick Middle School students in East Oakland and also purchased a top tier Mackie 32 channel mixing board to help kick off their planned recording studio. Bajazzs has also donated sound equipment and music instruments to the historical Prescott Elementary School, the first African American publicnschool in West Oakland. Lastly Bajazzs looks forward to creating a fund to help send professional musicians that are recording engineers into the schools to work with the students, many who are eager to learn about the music business. Our music in the school's program is designed to enhance self-esteem and character, teach student discipline, promote independent learning skills, e.g., computer skills, studio recording and performing techniques, while developing and meeting student personal goals.


The Best Hit You'll Ever Get!

BAJAZZS presents

     “The Higher Power Project”      

                                          The Bay Area Jazz Society Presents, “The Higher Power Project”  featuring former American Idol finalist Donnie Williams and special guests. Donnie Williams was positioned to win the 2004 American Idol contest when he was removed from the show. He later would reach out to the AA Twelve Step Program for help with alcohol addiction. Donny  is now seeking to help those who may be struggling with addictions of all types. He is looking forward to performing his music especially for those who will appreciate hearing it..Many have called the song Higher Power the National Anthem of recovery.  Higher Power was recently named the inspirational song and video of the year by a national contest sponsored by Tyler Perry, B.E.T, Lions Gate Films and Pastor Marvin Winans. Pastor Winans proclaimed that HIGHER POWER “was the winner by far!”. The video was produced by BAJAZZS Executive Director drummer / songwriter  Paul Tillman Smith and longtime Prince sideman guitarist Levi Seacer Jr.



One hundred percent of profits from the “Higher Power Project”   go into a special fund to help Musicians and Artists of all ages and who have also been impacted by the Corona Virus. Consequently, we are seeking partnerships or funding for this important project in order to help carry its message across the country with hopes of reaching those individuals who will benefit from hearing the music’s message.

Part of the BAJAZZS mission is also to provide a helping hand to those musicians who have dedicated their lives to making people happy through music but have no personal retirement or pension for their later years and who may need help with housing, food and health care.